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Sundance Film Festival 2022, Night 7

Am I Ok? I think everyone has asked of themselves the question posed in the title of Stephanie Allynne and Tig Notaro’s simultaneously light and deep directorial debut feature. We all come to a point in our lives where old ideas and patterns have to be rethought, secrets must be laid bare and we’re left wondering if we are truly okay where we’re at in our lives. The film focuses on two best friends in contemporary Los Angeles who find their friendship rattled when one has to move to London for work, and the other lays bare a secret never spoken about before between the two. While the film is light and fun in nature, I couldn’t help but feel a deeply personal connection with the main characters. What is friendship? What is really deep and true and honest friendship especially when the going gets tough, and things change? How are our most authentic and true selves found? How do we become who we are truly supposed to be while also making those around us understand who we really are? This film was a good, upbeat, and lightly soulful film to end this year’s Sundance. It was a great crop of films watched this year, and many great ones were missed, but I look forward to hopefully seeing them in the future. And after this pile of film reviews, thoughts, musings, whatever, I look forward to sharing more in the future with you all in a capacity outside of social media that is currently in development. I’ll let you know!

Side note: Even though I’m sure for many it was a bummer that it was virtual again this year, it was personally very fun to watch all but one film this year with my mom and pops together in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory bed (they’d been to Sundance before together, and my mom and one of my sister’s had been together with me, but not us three together before). The second photo is of me pretending that I was braving the cold and the snowy Utah winter while bundled up like in the past. I jokingly asked my mom to throw a bucket of dirty ice water on my feet to complete the real Sundance experience. Until next time:)

From January 27th, 2022

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