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Sundance Film Festival 2022, Night 6

Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul. The feature film debut of Adamma Ebo, based on her 2018 short, is an actor’s showcase. Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown do stunning work here (I highly recommend Hall’s work in Support the Girls and Brown’s work in Waves as well... along with... well, ALL their work). They play a couple trying to gain back the congregation of their Southern Baptist megachurch after a scandal (side note, the way that the details of the scandal are unfurled is a masterclass in writing and direction). Hall and Brown do some of their best work here. They scorch the screen and rivet the audience. There are many brilliant things about the film, although I will say, as much as I love the actors, direction, premise, and the cinematography (which is incredible), it’s my opinion that the film takes a minute to suck the viewer in. That said, the first half is funny, dark, and keeps you guessing. But it’s the second half that burns it’s way to the finish with laughter, rage, and passion. If you want to watch an entertaining and thought-provoking film with two great actors at the top of their game, look no further.

From January 26th, 2022

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